Testing new clays today! #ceramics #pottery …

Testing new clays today! #ceramics #pottery (at Twisp, Washington)

A few custom Moroccan mug sets headed out in t…

A few custom Moroccan mug sets headed out in today’s mail. If you’ve had your eye on something specific, I’ll be opening up for custom orders and offering a discount for orders placed between Jan 20th and Feb 1st! Stay tuned! #ceramics #coffeemug #pottery #handmadepottery #espressocup #lattemug #handmademug (at Twispworks)

Pottery studio plants are now in the ICU after…

Pottery studio plants are now in the ICU after I was gone for 2 weeks and also left the heat off (oops!)… let’s hope they bounce back!! I am super proud of this Peace Lily for not being completely dead because it usually needs water every 4 days and I actually dreamed about it when I was gone, worrying about it 🤪. It’s my most needy plant and I have developed a special relationship with it 😏. Anyway, I got the studio cleaned up, heat on, and now I can get to work again! 💪🏽 #potterystudio (at Twispworks)

Finally made it back home and it feels good 💕…

Finally made it back home and it feels good 💕🐱💕 (at Twisp, Washington)

We’re on the long journey back from our unexpe…

We’re on the long journey back from our unexpected visit to the Midwest, and I’m thinking about what I’d like to make when I get back to the studio… I love January so much – the pressure of the holidays is done and I can take a breather and work on some new ideas… Here are some areas I’d like to explore this year:
1) Party Ware! Serving dishes, platters, nesting bowls, fancy drink pitchers and cups! And more cakeplates! 🥳
2) Slab platters & cups
3) Teapots!
4) New plate sets
5) Travel mugs!
6) Handbuilt cups & bowls with lots of organic texture on the outside
7) Explore new clay bodies & glaze recipes!
Yay I love January!! What are you working on? (at Quad City International Airport (MLI))

The connection continues… Nate’s grandm…

The connection continues… Nate’s grandma and I were alike in so many ways… I have been stitching a lot lately, as you’ve seen (it really does calm anxiety) and now I have this lovely box of embroidery thread that was hers, complete with a sweet little handwritten inventory of colors. It’s so funny how much this makes me happy… the memory of her, the colors, the tiny handwritten letters and tape with threads… all of it. Maybe only crafters understand 😉😍 #kindredcrafters #kindredspirits (at Davenport, Iowa)

This was Nate’s grandmother’s pin that I was g…

This was Nate’s grandmother’s pin that I was given yesterday ❤️. We laid her to rest today in Iowa and I will always remember her warm genuine kindness in welcoming me into the family. I loved hearing about her adventures making ceramics in the 60’s & 70’s and selling at craft fairs ❤️. We have several of her pieces at our house today. This pin brought tears to my eyes and made me think of all of my ceramics kin, all over the world, and how much I love this connection. Thank you for being a part of my community. Rest In Peace, Winona, you will be greatly missed 💕💕💕 (at Davenport, Iowa)

Week 1 has begun! From the@expertclay • • • …

Week 1 has begun!
From the@expertclay
• • • • •
Wow, more people have signed up than I anticipated. But we can still take a few more participants. Week 1 has officially started! Register for free at expertclay.com

2018 was a great year, thank you all for the s…

2018 was a great year, thank you all for the support and encouragement to make these weird things. Looking forward to everything coming up in 2019.
#top9of2018 #best9 #pottery #ceramics #clay #2018bestnine #2018

Floating above the clouds ✈️ https://www.inst…

Floating above the clouds ✈️