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I rarely want to keep my own work but I’ll admit I am sad to part with this set of green bowls… It’s the combination of the two greens that really got me when I put them together for the display. I still remember twenty years ago when I visited the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, our dashing French tour guide was wearing all sorts of clashing greens together and I just remember him looking SHARP and thinking, “why don’t Americans dare to dress like this?” Nowadays I guess we all dress with more freedom but I have never forgot the impact of all of those shades of green and oh yeah, I guess the cathedral was great too! 🤣 Do you feel electricity shoot through your body when you see certain colors or patterns? My husband thinks I am nuts when I nearly have a heart attack after seeing the sunset but I know some of you visual people get what I’m talking about. I would live in a sea of depression without the joy that comes from colors and shapes and nature and light. I guess I’ll have to make some green bowls for myself after the holidays!! Xo ~ 💚💚💚. #greenpottery #greenglaze #graphiclay #moroccaninspired #midcenturyhome #handmadepottery #ceramics #pottery #wheelthrown #handmadebowl (at Seattle, Washington)

Putting together collections of work for this weekend’s events! See you at Phinney Winter Fest in Seattle or the Holiday Bazaar in Twisp (hubby will be selling!) #ceramics #pottery #handmadebowl #wheelthrownpottery #slabbuilt #midcenturyhome #modernceramics #birdpottery (at Phinney Center Community Hall)

Glazing a bunch of utensil jars this week! Each one comes out a little different even though these are the same pattern! I’m also planning to try a few with some new glazes that I picked up in Portland! 💗 #utensiljar #graphicclay #moroccaninspired #moroccandecor #midcenturyhome #ceramics #pottery #wheelthrown (at Twisp, Washington)