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Thank you for your orders this past weekend! It means the world to me! And we raised several hundred dollars in donation to our local food bank! 💗 With my retail shop closed and the markets and shows on hold, I have been stressing about how I am going to make it. Online sales and shipping take so much extra time, however I’m so thankful for this option when everything else is closed! You guys are carrying me through 💗💗💗 I’ll keep posting more stock every Saturday, (my “virtual farmers market”) and I am also accepting custom orders right now too, so let me know if you want to get on the list! Love you lots and hang in there – this new world isn’t easy for some of us but we’ll make a new path forward and keep trying as best we can 💗 #potterslife #selfemployed #bootstrappin #covid #survival

Well I ended up posting more online than I had planned! So there were a number of things that got added later today. Thanks to those who already shopped this morning! Everything else is live now in my shop. 20% of April sales will go to our local food bank! Shop link is in bio. Let me know if something on the website is messed up and I’ll get it fixed. I use and it can be a pain in the butt, but now I’ve used it for so long that it would take forever to redo everything on another site! Hope you’re having a good weekend! #moroccaninspired #brownclay #potterslife #handmadeservingtray #snacktime #handmadebowls #twisp #methowmade

Today would have been the 2020 start of the Methow Valley Farmer’s Market. I’m really missing it! Selling in person is so much more fun for me than selling online. I love being in town early, sipping hot coffee while I chit chat with the other artists and farmers, as we all set up our tables and tents. It’s cold when we first arrive, then the sun slowly makes its way above the hills and we can start to take off layers as the customers start to stroll by around 9. We quickly shuffle over to the produce and food to see what delicious treats we can score. Sometimes Willy makes a fire, and you can hear the low roar of the flame and crackle of the kettle corn popping. Friends come by to chat, puppies are snuggled, stories shared, smiles had. It’s a subtle feeling of connection, the rumblings of community, the good feeling of selling our work and meeting the person who’s buying it. The satisfied feeling of packing up your table with hard-earned money in your pocket, and a Saturday afternoon left open to enjoy with friends and family. Today would have been the first day of the market, and I’m sitting at home missing my people 💗💗💗. Next week I may try to do an online “virtual farmers market,” so stay tuned! And don’t forget the kettle corn 🌽💗☀️. #goodmemories #whentheworldwassafe #potterslife #coronacancellations #alonetogether #methowvalley #methowvalleyfarmersmarket #twisp #twispwa #twispartist #pottery #ceramics (at Twisp, Washington)

Sending a few of these off today… it seems the closest I come to most humans these days is through the mail and through the interwebs of virtual hangouts… I miss you, everyone!! Are you there?! I’m here! Hello! 💗 #alonetogether #missingyou #myfriendsarebirdsandtrees #handmadebowls #potterslife #twisp #twispwa #methowvalley #pottersofquarantine #brownclay (at Twisp, Washington)

Compared to smoke season, this quarantine ain’t bad! Fresh air, sunshine, what more do you need? 🌞 (I do miss seeing humans a tiny bit tho) … #methowquarantine #aloneinthewilderness #twisp #twispwa #potterslife #methowvalley #handmadebowls #brownclay (at Twisp, Washington)

It seems weird to post pictures of pottery when the world is insane. But here’s a pic of a bisque kiln I am loading. From my own little bubble to yours, hello friend 👋🏼 💗🌎 #potterslife #claytherapy #bisquefire #iworkalone #claystudio (at Twisp, Washington)

I’m supposed to be going to the grocery store but I’m in the car staring at my new glaze test tiles that came out of the firing today. Can’t wait to put some of these new colors to work! It feels good to be home and feel the energy of my Chile experience pushing me to try new things! 💘 Ok now I have to go buy baby food and pill pockets for my dog who is sick! 😢🐶💗💊 #glazetests #glazetest #glazechemistry #testtiles #potterslife #brownclay #twispwa #twisp #methowvalley #ceramics (at Twisp, Washington)

Color bathing…can you feel the warmth? I’m now traveling solo here in Chile and I’m in desert heaven… behold the Atacama Desert, at 8,000 feet (with those snowy volcanoes in the background at 1800+ feet 🤯) Fittingly, these hills in the Valle de la Luna are made of clay, salt, lithium, gypsum (plaster), borax… should I just take all this home to my studio and start mixing recipes? Hello ceramics and mold ingredients! 🥰🥰🥰. Aw shucks. 🥰 Thanks Chile, you rock 🇨🇱💗🌙🔥 #claycationchile #atacamadesert #valledelaluna #valledemuerte #sanpedrodeatacama #potterslife #colorbathing #desertlife #girlboss (at Valle De La Luna y Piedra Del Coyote, San Pedro De Atacama)

Every January is all about testing and experimenting with new glazes and techniques… love how these test glazes came out in this morning’s firing! A lot of potential here! I did commit the cardinal sin of not fully labeling what I tested, so I will have to guess (bangs head against the wall) 🙈 #oops #whattheheckamilookingat #glazetests #glazechemistry #testtiles #ceramics #pottery #brownclay #chocolateclay #potterslife

Bowl trimming kinda day 🍲 #potterslife #handmadebowls #ceramicsstudio #potterystudio #girlboss